Q1 2024 | St. Petersburg | Retail Market. Shopping Centres
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Q1 2024 | St. Petersburg | Retail Market. Shopping Centres
04 апреля 2024
In the initial three months of 2024, no new shopping centres have appeared in St. Petersburg. However, SEC Park Mall, SEC Nebo in Murino, SC Lunapark in Novogorelovo, and the second phase of SEC Ecopark are expected to open by the end of the year.

Due to persistently high tenant activity, there is less and less vacant space in shopping centres, with the average vacancy rate dropping to 6.2%.

The share of Russian players in the structure of SC tenants continues to grow, and yet new international brands are still entering the St. Petersburg market.
The number of multi-brand shops is rising.  Lamoda Sport and Lamoda Sport Outlet were leaders among other players in the multi-brand shop market in terms of the number of new openings at the turn of the year.

Also new spaces for sports will soon spring up inside the shopping centres. Two large chains from Moscow will open their first clubs in St. Petersburg’s shopping malls: DDX Fitness – SEC Galeria and SEC Pearl Plaza, and Spirit Fitness will start its operations in SC Nevskiy Centre.
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