Services for developers
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Services for developers
Nikoliers provides a full range of consulting and brokerage services in the residential property sector in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in other regions of the Russian Federation. At the advisory stage, we help with creating a product that is in demand and relevant to the market. At the brokerage stage, we are fully responsible for the pace and volume of sales. We are a valuable partner because we save your time and provide you with quality results.
Services for developers
We provide a full cycle of professional consulting services for residential projects – from the sale/acquisition of land plots for residential development to the conceptual commercial development as well as brokerage and marketing of business and premium class projects.

Services for buyers
We fully support the transaction from the first call to handing over the keys at the commissioning stage, guaranteeing due diligence and bearing responsibility for the quality of the product offered.

Co-operation with Nikoliers will allow you to:

  • Avoid mistakes at the initial stages of working on the project, which can later play a crucial role in its success;
  • Minimize market risks;
  • Maximize project yield;
  • Create a project that is effective from economic and market perspectives;
  • Create a successful brand that will work effectively during the entire period of project delivery;
  • Save money on media purchases by using special terms and discounts that are due to Nikoliers;
  • Maximize the yield through competent pricing and sales strategy;
  • Receive a stable and predictable sales revenue;
  • Reach a wider audience due to Nikoliers’ extensive customer base;
  • Maintain full control over the project, getting rid of routine.
Search for and investment sale of land plots

Analyzing the potential of land plots and development projects, as well as assessing their market value.

Selecting land plots to suit the interests of buyers and representating landlords in the process of selling land plots and development projects.

Full support of land plot sale and acquisition transactions.


Land best use analysis:

  • Location analysis

  • Analyzing transport and pedestrian accessibility

  • Analyzing window view characteristics

  • Infrastructure analysis

  • SWOT analysis of project utilization

Analyzing the competition:

  • Key market indicators

  • Overview of main competitors

  • Analyzing the supply structure, demand and prices of competitors

  • Analyzing the future business environment

  • Secondary market analysis

Conceptual development / audit of the existing concept:

  • Recommendations on the project concept: architectural concept, density and height, apartment mix (floor plans), fit-out, MEP systems, parking, infrastructure and provision of urban amenities

  • Recommendations on the project marketing strategy: derivation of starting prices through criteria analysis and sales schedule

  • Financial analysis of the project

Project support through all design stages:

  • Recommendations and comments on the project at various design stages like the architectural and urban planning solution, expert evaluation, as well as detailed design and blueprints

  • Analyzing draft offers and recommendations on adjustments / design

  • Participation in working meetings with the client's project team


Preparations for project delivery:

  • Updating the sales plan and generating the price list

  • Advertising and promotion strategy

  • PR-strategies for project promotion

  • Preparing the project for delivery: branding, “turnkey packaging” (website, layout, sales office, etc.).

Marketing support:

  • Advertising support of the project

  • Media planning and efficiency assessment

  • Developing a creative promotion concept

  • Printed and souvenir products

  • Marketing and analytical support

  • Monitoring of the competition and recommendations on adjustments to project delivery parameters

Project brokerage

Project Management:

  • Preparing for sales

  • Selling new builds

  • Organizing a sales office

  • Attracting investor (financial) buyers

  • Analyzing the market and proposing sales incentives

  • Working with own client base at the pre-sales stage

  • Project accreditation in leading banks

  • Connecting the sales process to the IT infrastructure

Implemented projects
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Vladimir Sergunin
Vladimir Sergunin
Partner | Board member +7 495 258 51 51
Kirill Golyshev
Kirill Golyshev
Regional Director
Residential and land development department +7 495 258 51 51
Timur Ryvkin
Timur Ryvkin
Residential and land development department +7 495 258 51 51
Elizaveta Conway
Elizaveta Conway
Residential and land development department +7 812 718 36 18
Anna Murmuridis
Anna Murmuridis
Business development director
Residential and land development department +7 495 258 51 51
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All experts
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