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Valuation of property, business and equipment by experts with 20-year-plus professional experience. Valuation projects in every major city of Russia – from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and from Sochi to Murmansk.
Our services
Rental Value estimation
We will issue a report on the rental value to help determine the fair rental prices for offices, industrial buildings and warehouses, hotels, land plots and other properties.
Government commission permits
We can prepare a market value report if you are applying for the permission of the Russian Federation Government Commission on Foreign Investment Monitoring . If the market value report has been ordered, the client is also entitled to get an independent expert opinion of the report from a self-regulatory organization.
Property transactions
We can issue valuation reports for the sale of properties owned or co-owned by the state or a municipality – an independent valuation report is mandatory in such cases. When independent valuation is not mandatory, it might be useful to settle disagreements between the buyer and the seller, as well as to confirm the transaction value during a tax audit.
Valuation for Real Estate Investment Trusts / Funds
We can prepare fair value reports for contributions to funds and for calculation of the fund’s net assetsvalues (NAV).
Nonperforming loan (NPL) valuation
We can prepare valuation reports for both collateralized assets and legal claims to such assets.
Contribution to the authorized capital
We can prepare a valuation report in compliance with all the legal requirements for the purpose of a contribution to the authorized capital (an independent valuation is mandatory for non-cash capital contribution if the value of contributed property is in excess of RUB 10,000).
Secured lending
We will prepare secured lending valuation reports (for securing a loan from a bank or a non-bank entity). Our reports are accepted by all the leading banks.
Property insurance
We will prepare valuation reports for insurance purposes to help the insurance company and the property owner determine the level of indemnity (which is not supposed to exceed the market value of the insured property on the date when an insurance contract comes into effect).
Financial reporting in line with IFRS and Russian standards
We will prepare market value and fair value reports for you and make sure these reports comply with the standards and requirements of the auditors (including the firms formerly known as the Big Four).
Property valuation for taxation
We will prepare for you a valuation report which will be a powerful and convincing argument to justify your transaction’s value during a tax audit. We help our clients build and maintain a solid tenable position in such cases.
We evaluate
Real estate – offices, warehouses, retail, hotels, land plots, gas stations and suchlike.
Movable property – machinery and equipment, production lines and suchlike
Business – shares, debt claims,liabilities,bonds
Intangible assets
Our experts
Dmitry Romanov
Dmitry Romanov
Head of Professional Services +7 495 258 51 51
Vladislav Semenov
Vladislav Semenov
Valuation +7 812 718 36 18
All experts
All experts
Meet our experts
All experts
Why we are unique
valuation professionals
The total of USD 12 billion worth of projects/properties valued during 2023
100 cities
Over 400
projects in 2023
Valuation standards
Valuation standards
Valuation standards

  1. Law on the Valuation Activity in the Russian Federation (Federal Law N135, 29.07.1998)

  2. Federal Valuation Standards

  3. International Valuation Standards

  4. Valuation Standards of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors 

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We are approved valuers by all the major banks