2023 Results | Dubai | Real Estate Market Review
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2023 Results | Dubai | Real Estate Market Review
27 февраля 2023
Dubai Investment
Dubai is currently catching the eyes of investors across the globe as a steadily developing real estate market, with a new wave of growth rolling on. Dubai is no longer an oil region it once used to be, after a major bid was made for finance and technology, tourism and traveling, as well as creation of a major air hub.
In the opinion of numerous market experts, Dubai has become a major destination for international investors over the past two years. After the market stalled in 2016–2019, changes in the government policy, aimed at luring global investments, spurred the property market as a whole and various segments of real estate in particular.
Investing in infrastructure in an attempt to make the region more attractive for tourists and expats is a growth path of choice for all of the emirates. This thrust as well as the development programs, consistently adopted by the UAE in general and Dubai in particular, should be borne in mind when estimating the outlook for the Dubai real estate market.
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